Getting ready

Discuss how you will set up your organization within Kaldea. Follow instructions to set up policies and configurations detailed below. Since it is an initial set up, you can always change it later.

Establishing best practices for your organization

Policies for labels

Labels can be created and added to resources in accordance to their importance and domain.

  • Governance management becomes easier when labels reflect table management policies for governance critical tables such as fact tables and dimension tables.
  • We recommend that you distinguish main tables by naming them with identifiable prefixes (i.e. fct, dim) and create and add labels to the aforementioned table and related resources.

Policies for groups

Discuss how your organization will segment users and manage groups.

Policies for Workspace

Discuss how your organization will set up folders and organize resources in workspace.



Use labels to categorize resources. Create labels to help organize resources in your team. You can filter by label when sifting through search results to help you find resources you need.

For more information, refer to this document: Adding labels to categorize resources

How to use

Create labels:

  • By level of importance and access level:
    • Tier 1
    • Tier 2
  • By domain:
    • Ad
    • Media
  • By operation:
    • Stg
    • Prod


Set granular permissions for different groups and teams by creating groups and granting them different levels of access for every resource.

How to use

  • Go to Profile > Settings > Group to create and manage groups.


There are 3 types of workspaces in Kaldea: Public, Shared, Private. Each workspace can hold folders and pages. You can also add shortcut links to tables.

Public workspace

  • Any page under the Public heading of your sidebar can be seen by all members of your organization. Any authorized user who has Can edit or greater access can edit resources in the public workspace. By default, organization admins are given Full access to any page found in this space.

Shared workspace

  • Any pages that you’ve shared with only select individuals and groups will appear under Shared spaces.

Private workspace

  • Every user’s workspace comes with a Private section for organizing their own resources. Anything you add here can’t be seen by other members in your organization.