Organization setup
Adding labels


Create labels to help organize resources in your team. You can filter by label when sifting through search results to help you find resources you need.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

L to apply label

L then start typing new label name to create and apply label


Apply labels to any resource with the shortcut L.

Go to Profile > Settings > Labels to create, edit, or delete labels and to view a list of all labels.


Create labels

Go to Profile > Settings > Labels to create new labels. You can also create labels in the Add label flow.

Edit or delete labels

Go to Profile > Settings > Labels and then hover over the label name to bring up the option to edit or delete labels. Deleting labels is not reversible. If a label is in use, you’ll still be able to delete the label and doing so will remove it from any resources.

Customize label colors

While creating or editing a label, select the colored dot to bring up a color picker.