1. Locating the Data You Need

Click on the page link below to explore relevant tables and terms.

global_goods_production : 테이블 링크하기

2. Running a Query within Workspace

In this exercise, you will practice running a query in your workspace page.

‘/+enter’ or type ‘/’ then select ‘query block’ in the list.

Not sure what to do? Check Andy’s comments for additional hints.
  • Run Query here to view query results.
SELECT * FROM `lago-dev1.kaldea_private_dataset.global_goods_production` LIMIT 10

2.1 Visualize your query result

  • Calculate the goods on production, by running a query for global_goods_production.
SELECT goods
      , COUNT(*) AS cnt
FROM `lago-dev1.kaldea_private_dataset.global_goods_production`
WHERE type = 'mining'
  • To visualize the query result as a chart, click on the ‘Add Chart’ then dropdown field for x-axis and y-axis.
  • Click a query block menu then select ‘hide logic’.

3. Share your teammate

Click the ‘Share’ and designate your colleague