Job terminology

  • Refresh Query: Refresh Query is a query that can update the table. Mostly INSERT with SELECT clause, or MERGE statements.

Step 1 : Register a Refresh Query

A refresh query can only be registered to tables created in Kaldea.

Registering Refresh Query using Query Editor

  • To register a refresh query from the Query Editor, click Save as then toggle to the Refresh query tab from the Save as modal.
  • Kaldea will automatically detect the datasource and destination table for you.
  • Click Save.

Step 2 : Create a Job

  • From the Job page, click + Create a Job
  • From the Table List, select source tables that you’d like to create a job for.
  • Enter Job title.
  • Click Register.

Step 3 : Schedule Job

  • Click Create Schedule.
  • Select Frequency and Time.
  • Click Create.

Step 4 : Activate job

  • Turn on toggle to activate job.

Step 5 : Check Job Run History and Log

  • Click Job Runs History.
  • Click Logs.