Before you connect PostgreSQL to Kaldea, you will need to know your database information:

Host AddressDatabase server address
Port NumberDatabase server port5432
Database NameDatabase name

If your connection is protected, you might need to add Kaldea’s IP addresses to your whitelist. Read more here

Connect PostgreSQL to Kaldea

Follow these steps to connect your PostgreSQL database to Kaldea.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings > + Add Datasource and select PostgreSQL as source Type*.

Step 2

Fill out the form with the necessary information:

  • Name*: Write a display name for your data source
  • Host*: your-database-server-address-here
  • Port*: your-database-server-port-here
  • Database*: your-database-name-here

System Credential

Kaldea uses this account to synchronize the metadata of customer tables and schedule jobs. It performs queries on system tables and scheduled tables.

  • Username*: your-database-account-here
  • Password*: your-database-password-here
  • The following grant must be allowed for this user’s privileges:
ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA public TO {{your-database-account-here}};

User Default Credential

This account is applied by default when members of your organization query tables in Kaldea.

  • Username*: your-database-account-here
  • Password*: your-database-password-here
  • Set an appropriate account level for your company and add it to the basic user account information.

Step 3 (Optional)

Additional User Account Information

You can register individual user account information for each member by entering the Credential keys for each member. Navigate to Settings>Members>{{User}}>>Credential key. Once the credentials are registered, the registered credentials will always take precedence.


Here’s how to solve some common problems when connecting PostgreSQL.