Share menu

Use the Share menu in the upper right of your pages to manage access control for a page. A page can be shared with individuals, a group of users, or widely with the web.

  • Each row in this menu represents a different person or group of people you can share the page with. In the share menu above:
    • Kaldea is an example of a team member with full access to the page. They can make edits to the page, delete it and invite additional people.
    • Share to web is turned off, so only you and members of your organization can see this page.
    • Copy link copies the page’s unique URL to your clipboard so you can share it with whoever you want. Still, only people with access to the page can see it.
    • Invite lets you add people or groups in your organization using their username.

Share with members in your organization

You can share pages with everyone in your organization via public spaces, which all organization members are added to automatically. By default, Admins of an organization are given full access to public pages while Authors and Viewers of an organization have view access to public pages.

  • Create a page in public space in your sidebar. Hover over public space and click the + button that appears.
  • Drag a page to public space in your sidebar. This automatically shares it with everyone.

Publish page to web

To make page viewable as a site on the web or to share it with people who don’t use Kaldea, you can turn on Share to web. Anyone with the link will be able to see it.

Instructions for making pages public:

  • Click on Share at the top right of the page you want to publish to the web.
  • By default, the access level next to Share to web will be No access.
  • To publish you page to the web, turn on Share to web access.
  • Click Copy link to copy the page’s unique URL to share.
  • Only people with the page’s unique URL will be able to see it.