The unified analytics platform

No toggling between tools.
No tribal knowledge.

Kaldea is the complete platform for all your analytics from discovery to reporting.
Kaldea automatically indexes how you interact with data, so you're empowered to democratize
tribal knowledge and complete all your analysis faster with a single tool.

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The best data teams use Kaldea

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Streamline your analysis

Kaldea is a single platform where you can see the data's full context, collaborate with stakeholders, share and iterate across discovery, modeling, queries, docs, and visualization.

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Faster, unified analytics

Built so that analysis flows easily from start to finish, bringing together a query editor, catalog, and workspace to organize your reports and charts

Open a page from a query with one-click and begin your deeper analysis or connect it to a report
Save your queries for future work and index them for search
View your critical information all at once with split view and cmd + K for a faster experience
Schedule jobs no code, complete your reporting fast

Never lose context

In Kaldea, the date, its context, and your analysis live side-by-side so you can accelerate discovery and start analysis faster without asking a colleague

Table catalog and lineage. Column schemas and tags. Data freshness. Alerts for all changes
Automatic context rich discovery like frequently joined tables and related saved queries
Powerful search means you easily find reports, tables, queries, and jobs in one platform

Organize your work
and knowledge in Kaldea

Seamlessly organize your analyses, queries, reports and more in Kaldea's intuitive workspace and say goodbye to data silos

Organize by projects or teams. Work with custom and templated docs with collaboration features
Workspace becomes the single source of context among colleagues
Easily create derivative work so you don't have to start from scratch
Organize by projects or teams. Work with custom and templated docs with collaboration features
Access management; public, private, and shared workspaces

Integrated with
your favorite data sources

BigQuery Snowflake Redshift Athena HydraMySQL MariaDB

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Security as first principle

SOC2 Type II Certified

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Achieve faster time-to-insight.
Streamline your analytics workflow and simplify collaboration in one platform.